Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rose all day

RO Imi doream foarte mult o tinuta vesela de primavara si ce culori mai potrivite pentru aceasta daca nu rozul si baby blue? Fustita alba cu trandafir a completat perfect armonia celor doua culori. Fiind un outfit de weekend am renuntat la tocuri in favoarea acestor ghetute nude.
Materialul fustitei este din neopreon, de aceea sta asa infoiata. Avand experienta rochitei negre pe care v-am prezentat-o intr-o postare trecuta, m-a incantat inca un produs din acest material stiind ca se aseaza frumos, nu se sifoneaza si se simte placut pe piele.
Bluza este din bumbac, nu i-am adaugat nici un colier pentru ca o incarcam prea mult si isi pierdea din farmec. Iubesc rozul acesta prafuit, la fel cum iubesc si nuanta de baby blue al gecutei.
Geaca am ales-o marimea L de teama sa nu fie scurta la maneci si intr-adevar imi vine bine. Sunt si pe roz dar mi s-a parut ca as fi prea o bombonica daca iau si geaca roz, in schimb cele 2 culori vin bine impreuna.
Ce ziceti de tinuta mea de weekend?

EN I wanted to create a spring outfit and which colors can be better for that than powdery pink and baby blue?
Also white skirt with wild rose seems to be a good choice. Since it was a weekend outfit I gave up high heels and choose sneakers instead.
Skirt fabric is neoprene, it fits perfectly, it's easy to maintain and I like how it feels on my skin.
The blouse is made from cotton and I chose not to add any accessory on it because is beautiful as it is. I love this powdery pink as I love the baby blue shade of the jacket.
The jacket is size L to make sure that it fits me well. You can also find it on powdery pink but since I already had the blouse pink I thought baby blue is a better choice for me. 

What do you think? Do you like my weekend outfit?

Jacket-Style Moi
Blouse-Style Moi
Skirt-Style Moi


  1. absolut superb outfit! esti ca o bombonica,iti sta minunat! love,love!

  2. frumoasa tinuta., imi place in special fusta :D, e piesa de rezistenta in outfit

    1. Multumesc, da, intr-adevar fusta ii da asa un aer girlie ;)

  3. Imi place tare mult tinuta, fusta e tare simpatica iar gecuta are o nuanta adorabila! Lovely bombonica, cum zice Steluta :P.

  4. I love everything in your outfit, its so girly and cute <3

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  5. Imi place teribil jacheta si trebuie sa recunosc ca trandafirul este o idee inedita pentru fusta.

  6. Suuuper faina tinuta! Comoda..lejera...faina!

  7. so nice photos!! ;-)

    i invite to me too

  8. I fell in love with this ensemble! The soft pastel colors plus the details of the skirt's design :) Totally love it! :)

    Rica |

  9. You look amazing dear! Love that skirt

  10. Wonderful look kiss

  11. super adidasi, imi plac <3, bine imi place orice fel de adidas :), imi place fusta, acel trandafiri ii da o nota aparte.
    Iti sta super bine <3
    Imi plac postarile tale. Pupici

  12. You look wonderful, amazing. beautiful pictures
    I love your style

  13. Wonderful pastel look... the skirt's print is really awesome!

  14. I love the look. It's a great rose theme. The skirt is fabulous. It looks amazing!

    Jessica |

  15. I really love your style. It's awesome. Now I don't want to miss any news from you. I'm definitely your reader. And, of course, it will be cool `if you read my blog as well!


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